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“Utilization” or “Utilisation”


Utilization and utilisation are both English terms.


Utilization is predominantly used in 🇺🇸 American (US) English (en-US) while utilisation is predominantly used in 🇬🇧 British English (used in UK/AU/NZ) (en-GB).

In terms of actual appearance and usage, here's a breakdown by country, with usage level out of 100 (if available) 👇:

Term US UK India Philippines Canada Australia Liberia Ireland New Zealand Jamaica Trinidad & Tobago Guyana
utilization 96 40 66 98 18 43 0 48 46 100 100 100
utilisation 4 60 34 2 82 57 0 52 54 0 0 0

  • In the United States, there is a preference for "utilization" over "utilisation" (96 to 4).
  • In the United Kingdom, there is a 60 to 40 preference for "utilisation" over "utilization".
  • In India, there is a preference for "utilization" over "utilisation" (66 to 34).
  • In the Philippines, there is a preference for "utilization" over "utilisation" (98 to 2).
  • In Canada, there is a 82 to 18 preference for "utilisation" over "utilization".
  • In Australia, there is a 57 to 43 preference for "utilisation" over "utilization".
  • In Liberia, there is not enough data to determine a preference between "utilization" and "utilisation".
  • In Ireland, there is a 52 to 48 preference for "utilisation" over "utilization".
  • In New Zealand, there is a 54 to 46 preference for "utilisation" over "utilization".
  • In Jamaica, there is a preference for "utilization" over "utilisation" (100 to 0).
  • In Trinidad & Tobago, there is a preference for "utilization" over "utilisation" (100 to 0).
  • In Guyana, there is a preference for "utilization" over "utilisation" (100 to 0).

Below, we provide some examples of when to use utilization or utilisation with sample sentences.


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Examples in Context

Examples of “utilization”

  • In-situ resource utilization of lunar soil for fuel
  • great destructive power, whose full utilization might literally destroy the world;
  • reduces cost by increasing infrastructure utilization.
  • to improve efficiency in the utilization of the relatively small address
  • to better understand cost drivers, utilization of services, and quality improvement
  • to 375% seasonal average electricity utilization efficiency) for the most populated
  • greater incentive for the full utilization of the shark.
  • settings to enhance the safety, utilization, and performance on medical devices,
  • of film, photo, phonograph documents, utilization and publication.
  • Improved utilization of raw materials base of

Examples of “utilisation”

  • more oblique and less literal utilisation of the iconography of the
  • The automatic utilisation of Gestalt laws allows us
  • utilisation and efficiency improvements for systems
  • management practices and the new utilisation of grain, to tertiary education,
  • competitive schedules), this helped increase utilisation of the 727s based at
  • The Route Utilisation Strategy document makes note of
  • introduce efficiency and improve resource utilisation.
  • there at the time: "Although utilisation of generated heat was going
  • achieved because of the poor utilisation of the port so far.
  • resources presenting a choice of utilisation of the resources.

(Examples are Wikipedia snippets under the CC ShareAlike 3.0 license.)

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