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Autocomplete Everywhere

Sapling's autocomplete solution provides deep learning-powered autocomplete suggestions across various CRM and messaging platforms.

Sometimes also called predictive text, autocomplete saves users time when composing messages.

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Save time and increase efficiency.

Using machine learning, Sapling predicts the next word or phrase that an agent will type, allowing agents to simply tab-complete messages and respond to customers more quickly.

Improve consistency.

By providing frequently used phrases, Sapling improves the consistency of messages across members of the team, supplementing Sapling's knowledge snippet library feature.

Use everywhere.

Whether your team uses Salesforce, Zendesk, ServiceNow, Intercom, Gmail, Outlook,… Sapling just works. With two-click onboarding and almost no ramp time before team members can start using the tool, we hope Sapling can streamline many of your team's workflows.

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