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  Sapling is on a whole different planet from other tools . . . It understands the writing context. You just have to try it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

First, make sure you've registered an account with the same email you used to subscribe. You should receive a confirmation email with instructions within a few minutes after subscribing.

If you don’t receive premium suggestions on websites you already have open, please try refreshing the page.

Yes, for individuals. Once you register and confirm your email, you’ll automatically be enrolled in a free trial.

Pricing varies depending on the number of users/seats and the duration of the contract. Please contact us for a quote.

Sapling uses Stripe for payments and subcriptions. You can pay with a credit card by clicking the “Subscribe” button above.

If you wish to purchase Sapling using another method, please try here or contact us.

Please contact us.

Please contact us for detailed documents on our security procedures as well as Sapling’s enterprise-grade infrastructure and testing.

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