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Faster, more polished communication with for better CX.

Compose messages more quickly while also improving language quality. Faster handle times and increased satisfaction.

Includes snippets, chat assist, and quality scoring.

Go faster.

Sapling's autocomplete, snippet macros, and chat suggestions allow teammates to respond more quickly.

Score every message

Sapling automates much of the QA process so managers can scale their feedback.

Gather reporting

See detailed metrics and trends for your team over time.

Tools for efficiency.

Go faster without compromising personalization. Get autocompletions and suggested responses, or use snippet macros.

Quality observability.

There's no time to go over your team's messages. Let Sapling review them for you.

Reporting and analytics.

Get analytics for individual and team usage, errors made, trends over time, and more.

Higher Satisfaction

Learn about how TaskUs saw improvements in response time (while improving satisfaction as well).

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Through our partnership with Sapling, we have been able to enable clients with improved and optimized omni-channel customer experience.

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