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Language model copilot for customer-facing teams.
Respond twice as fast.

Sapling sits on top of CRMs and messaging platforms and provides real-time suggestions to help sales, support, and success teams more efficiently compose personalized responses. Conversational insights help coach and prepare teams.

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  Developers, integrate LLM-powered functionality using Sapling's API/SDK.

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Respond to more customers.

Sapling Suggest for chat and helpdesk tickets retrieves relevant responses from a team response bank and allows agents to respond more quickly to customer inquiries by simply clicking on suggested responses in real time. Empower team members to respond more quickly and manage higher inbound volumes instead of providing brittle, decision tree-based chatbots.

Reduce response and handle time.

Autocomplete Everywhere provides deep learning-powered autocomplete suggestions across all messaging platforms, allowing agents to compose replies more quickly. Sapling's snippet macros allow for quick insertion of common responses.


Improve grammar and language quality.

Sapling catches 60% more language quality issues than other spelling and grammar checkers using a machine learning system trained on millions of English sentences. Ensure professional and consistent communication and avoid embarrassing typos and irritated prospects and customers.

Beyond suggested edits, quality scoring and error reports help managers identify coaching opportunities and improve quality over time. Enterprise teams can define custom settings for compliance and content governance.

Distribute knowledge.

Ensure team knowledge is shared in a snippet library accessible on all your web applications. Insert messages with text expansion shortcuts/macros. Perform blazing fast search on your knowledge library for compliance, upselling, training, and onboarding.

Metric 90 days before Sapling 90 days with Sapling
FRT 60.9 hours 39.4 hours
CSAT 59% 67%

Increase efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Sapling improves productivity by reducing repetitive messaging tasks for customer-facing teams, and faster, higher-quality responses means happier customers. Manage high volume with real-time human-in-the-loop responses to provide the efficiency benefits of a chatbot without the deadends.

Gain business insights from your conversational data.

Use natural language processing to glean insights from customer conversations. Automated quality scoring allows team leads to evaluate teams and agents across all conversations, instead of performing manual inspection of a tiny fraction.

  • Topic and trend monitoring for rapid adjustment to spikes in issues.
  • Reporting on usage and efficiency gains at the agent and team level.
  • Automated quality scoring to reduce the time for manual inspection by 5X.


Best-in-class omnichannel support.

Zendesk ServiceNow Salesforce Helpshift LinkedIn Intercom Gmail

Whether your team prefers email, tickets, live chat, or social media messaging, Sapling provides best-in-class integrations with popular messaging and CRM platforms. Use seamlessly across your team’s web tools like ServiceNow, Salesforce, Zendesk, Amazon Connect, and Twilio Flex.

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Security Enterprise security.

Sapling’s platform rests in a private cloud with TLS and AES-256 data encryption. We offer redaction of personally identifiable information (PII) and self-hosted / on-premises deployment. Single Sign-On (SSO), SCIM, and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) are available for end-user identity management. Learn more or contact us for detailed cybersecurity policies and procedures.

Turnkey Two-click installation.

Sapling’s turnkey solution allows managers to quickly provision agents and requires just two clicks to install and deploy. Onboarding typically takes less than 10 minutes, and teams see greater than 90% adoption from members.