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Discounted Plans for Nonprofits and NGOs

Grammarly for Nonproits and NGOs will be discontinued on May 1, 2024.
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Grammarly is the most popular grammar checker and writing assistant. Its most widely used applications are its browser extension and desktop application. For nonprofits and NGOS, Grammarly previously offered free features in response to the global pandemic in 2020. This gave nonprofits and NGOs access during the COVID crisis.

However, Grammarly for Nonprofits and NGOs has been discontinued and its business features are now only available under a standard subscription.

Sapling: A Grammarly Alternative

Sapling offers a variety of Generative AI and NLP (Natural Language Processing) products, including:

  • Grammar and spell checking
  • Support for English varieties (US/UK/CA/AU)
  • Sentence autocomplete
  • Multilingual support
  • Custom style guides
  • Tone checking
  • Paraphrasing and tone rephrasing
  • AI content detection

Sapling for Nonprofits and NGOs

It's easy to switch from Grammarly to Sapling. Check out our integrations.

Sapling's support team, available via helpdesk, email, and Discord, is happy to help troubleshoot the migration and/or integration process.


Sapling offers 50% discounts for nonprofits, in addition to offering discounts for teams of 10 or more seats. Contact us for details.

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