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Profanity Filter

Detect whether a given string contains profanity/vulgar language.

Flag profanity and vulgar language with this profanity detection tool. Classification is performed on a per-word level. Demo in English.

Tags: profanity filter content moderation

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Profanity will be marked in red. Looking for other ways to measure offensive or toxic content? Contact us.

Toxicity and Bias

Toxicity is an issue with both human and machine-generated text. Within the general category of toxicity are issues such as profanity, threats, and insults. Bias is another issue that—though often unintentional—can cause harm.

Whether a piece of is toxic and/or biased is often based on subtle and contextual cues. Sometimes, models have to be fine-tuned for a particular setting. Contact us to discuss how we can best help with your business use case.