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Pharmaceutical Spell Checker

Check for spelling errors in pharmaceutical terms.

Given a misspelled word, find the closest correction(s) from a dictionary of pharmaceutical terms.

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Access Pharmaceutical Spell Checker API

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Type or click Check to get result.

Dictionary is restricted to medical terminology. Check is not case-sensitive. Demo loads cleaned dictionary licensed under GPL V3 that can be accessed here. Generic spell checker here.

Some terms to try: lisinoprel, metformen, acetominophen, hydrocohdone, elbuterol

Paste Pharma Text

Paste text to get spelling and grammar suggestions for tough terms such as cephalexin.

Use Cases

Sapling's pharmaceutical spell checker can help pharmacists and other medical professionals reduce the errors made in their notes and communications. Sapling is the best AI-powered pharma spell checker available. Try it out above or contact us for API access.

Looking for a more general spell checker? See here.

Sapling offers integrations so that users get corrections in real time as they compose documents. It can also be used to edit existing documents.

HIPAA Compliance

Sapling offers a HIPAA compliant solution. Please refer to our security page for more information.

Contact us if you need a business associate agreement (BAA) in order to use our solution.