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“Traveling” or “Travelling”


Traveling and travelling are both English terms.


Traveling is predominantly used in 🇺🇸 American (US) English (en-US) while travelling is predominantly used in 🇬🇧 British English (used in UK/AU/NZ) (en-GB).

In terms of actual appearance and usage, here's a breakdown by country, with usage level out of 100 (if available) 👇:

Term US UK India Philippines Canada Australia Liberia Ireland New Zealand Jamaica Trinidad & Tobago Guyana
traveling 87 21 27 48 42 21 69 22 26 47 40 42
travelling 13 79 73 52 58 79 31 78 74 53 60 58

  • In the United States, there is a preference for "traveling" over "travelling" (87 to 13).
  • In the United Kingdom, there is a 79 to 21 preference for "travelling" over "traveling".
  • In India, there is a 73 to 27 preference for "travelling" over "traveling".
  • In the Philippines, there is a 52 to 48 preference for "travelling" over "traveling".
  • In Canada, there is a 58 to 42 preference for "travelling" over "traveling".
  • In Australia, there is a 79 to 21 preference for "travelling" over "traveling".
  • In Liberia, there is a preference for "traveling" over "travelling" (69 to 31).
  • In Ireland, there is a 78 to 22 preference for "travelling" over "traveling".
  • In New Zealand, there is a 74 to 26 preference for "travelling" over "traveling".
  • In Jamaica, there is a 53 to 47 preference for "travelling" over "traveling".
  • In Trinidad & Tobago, there is a 60 to 40 preference for "travelling" over "traveling".
  • In Guyana, there is a 58 to 42 preference for "travelling" over "traveling".

Below, we provide some examples of when to use traveling or travelling with sample sentences.


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Examples in Context

Examples of “traveling”

  • then leaves in his vehicle traveling away from his residence.
  • The squad was traveling on Route Vernon and was
  • Athens via Hungary and Romania, traveling from there to Marseille, where
  • had also been too busy traveling with Davis to make a
  • female scientist to ever conduct traveling research in North Korea and
  • in Paris at Esmod, before traveling to London to study photography.
  • Traveling Husbands (1931)
  • used by Amundsen for his traveling lectures.
  • stopping point for Soviet tourists traveling up and down the Volga
  • Are traveling toward the castle when the

Examples of “travelling”

  • (Danika Yarosh) is first seen travelling in the Arctic Circle, accompanied
  • and the protection of caravans travelling upland through Kikuyu territory to
  • the shadow of the moon travelling at supersonic speed and inducing
  • After travelling for one year, he went
  • While travelling, his wallet is stolen and
  • The play presents him as travelling through 100 years, witnessing corruption
  • Caravan - Travelling Man (1998) compilation album to
  • and large movements of people travelling by train would have caused
  • reports that Bianchi had been travelling at when he left the
  • the Hlahol Choir in Vinohrady, travelling with them to Yugoslavia and

(Examples are Wikipedia snippets under the CC ShareAlike 3.0 license.)

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