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“Fiber” or “Fibre”


Fiber and fibre are both English terms.


Fiber is predominantly used in 🇺🇸 American (US) English (en-US) while fibre is predominantly used in 🇬🇧 British English (used in UK/AU/NZ) (en-GB).

In terms of actual appearance and usage, here's a breakdown by country, with usage level out of 100 (if available) 👇:

Term US UK India Philippines Canada Australia Liberia Ireland New Zealand Jamaica Trinidad & Tobago Guyana
fiber 97 21 67 96 58 25 74 28 19 57 63 58
fibre 3 79 33 4 42 75 26 72 81 43 37 42

  • In the United States, there is a preference for "fiber" over "fibre" (97 to 3).
  • In the United Kingdom, there is a 79 to 21 preference for "fibre" over "fiber".
  • In India, there is a preference for "fiber" over "fibre" (67 to 33).
  • In the Philippines, there is a preference for "fiber" over "fibre" (96 to 4).
  • In Canada, there is a preference for "fiber" over "fibre" (58 to 42).
  • In Australia, there is a 75 to 25 preference for "fibre" over "fiber".
  • In Liberia, there is a preference for "fiber" over "fibre" (74 to 26).
  • In Ireland, there is a 72 to 28 preference for "fibre" over "fiber".
  • In New Zealand, there is a 81 to 19 preference for "fibre" over "fiber".
  • In Jamaica, there is a preference for "fiber" over "fibre" (57 to 43).
  • In Trinidad & Tobago, there is a preference for "fiber" over "fibre" (63 to 37).
  • In Guyana, there is a preference for "fiber" over "fibre" (58 to 42).

Below, we provide some examples of when to use fiber or fibre with sample sentences.


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Examples in Context

Examples of “fiber”

  • a negative impact on the fiber content.
  • repelled one another, twisting the fiber through a certain angle, which
  • designs are achieved through weaving (fiber, color, structure), surface ornamentation (usually
  • was used as a main fiber in Mongolian textiles.
  • Fiber Optics/Telecoms and Oil Spill: In
  • The carbon fiber upper continues to be used
  • vitamin E, vitamin B2, folate, fiber, and essential minerals, such as
  • 392 gets new twenty-inch "Carbon Fiber Monkey" aluminum-alloy wheels as standard
  • The fiber is also known as pashm
  • In 1988, the first Raman fiber laser based on fiber Bragg

Examples of “fibre”

  • a top layer of bleached fibre to go over an unbleached
  • calorimetry also burns the dietary fibre, and so does not allow
  • 2032: Storage area network (SAN) Fibre Channel switch (OEM from McData)
  • Unison group also provides electrical, fibre, civil, and vegetation contracting services;
  • However, fibre optics and the atmosphere both
  • their meat but for their fibre (pashm).
  • console resemble that of carbon fibre, and the Super Bee logo
  • including Seacom (the first undersea fibre optic cable system serving Africa's
  • such as lasers and optical fibre communications systems.
  • advantage, as is the high fibre volume fraction that is obtainable,

(Examples are Wikipedia snippets under the CC ShareAlike 3.0 license.)

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