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“Disheveled” or “Dishevelled”


Disheveled and dishevelled are both English terms.


Disheveled is predominantly used in 🇺🇸 American (US) English (en-US) while dishevelled is predominantly used in 🇬🇧 British English (used in UK/AU/NZ) (en-GB).

In terms of actual appearance and usage, here's a breakdown by country, with usage level out of 100 (if available) 👇:

Term US UK India Philippines Canada Australia Liberia Ireland New Zealand Jamaica Trinidad & Tobago Guyana
disheveled 96 41 55 91 81 34 0 33 38 100 100 0
dishevelled 4 59 45 9 19 66 0 67 62 0 0 0

  • In the United States, there is a preference for "disheveled" over "dishevelled" (96 to 4).
  • In the United Kingdom, there is a 59 to 41 preference for "dishevelled" over "disheveled".
  • In India, there is a preference for "disheveled" over "dishevelled" (55 to 45).
  • In the Philippines, there is a preference for "disheveled" over "dishevelled" (91 to 9).
  • In Canada, there is a preference for "disheveled" over "dishevelled" (81 to 19).
  • In Australia, there is a 66 to 34 preference for "dishevelled" over "disheveled".
  • In Liberia, there is not enough data to determine a preference between "disheveled" and "dishevelled".
  • In Ireland, there is a 67 to 33 preference for "dishevelled" over "disheveled".
  • In New Zealand, there is a 62 to 38 preference for "dishevelled" over "disheveled".
  • In Jamaica, there is a preference for "disheveled" over "dishevelled" (100 to 0).
  • In Trinidad & Tobago, there is a preference for "disheveled" over "dishevelled" (100 to 0).
  • In Guyana, there is not enough data to determine a preference between "disheveled" and "dishevelled".

Below, we provide some examples of when to use disheveled or dishevelled with sample sentences.


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Examples in Context

Examples of “disheveled”

  • Pokrovskoye a changed man, looking disheveled and behaving differently than he
  • hooked nose; her hair is disheveled, her garments tattered and torn.
  • exhausted, and her hair hangs disheveled as her head droops.
  • in Tokyo, they saw a disheveled Downs running toward them saying
  • abandoning him, a drunken and disheveled Bradbury comes to Hundred, revealing
  • Christmas morning, his Santa suit disheveled and dirty, Harry returns to
  • People saw her disheveled appearance and were afraid; Charles
  • It is naked and has disheveled hair, five to six cun
  • then, he has become a disheveled, bitter alcoholic who hunts demons
  • Lemoyne looks disheveled, with rough hair and open

Examples of “dishevelled”

  • its ample fringe-like plumage, the dishevelled quality of which is communicated
  • binds, an intracellular protein named Dishevelled (Dvl) is activated via phosphorylation.
  • of music (sparse, eerie, casually dishevelled, tangibly cool) that will spread
  • cover of which depicted a dishevelled image of Buster Keaton.
  • Mike Diver called it "dirty, dishevelled, unsure and paranoid; fearful, easily
  • Scelba built the country's dishevelled police into a force of
  • Nkd1 binds to the Dishevelled (Dvl) family of proteins (DVL1,
  • wears a bandana, long, black dishevelled hair and is always seen
  • have a DIX domain are Dishevelled and DIXDC1.
  • and studio production, with the dishevelled beauty of everyday life, the

(Examples are Wikipedia snippets under the CC ShareAlike 3.0 license.)

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