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“Scold” or “Skald”


scold / skald are similar-sounding terms with different meanings (referred to as homophones). To better understand the differences, see below for definitions, pronunciation guides, and example sentences using each term. 👇


scold: (noun) someone (especially a woman) who annoys people by constantly finding fault.

skald: NA


scold: s·k·OW·l·d

skald: NA


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Examples in Context

Examples of “scold”

  • the briefings, the commander will scold the player.
  • the year, while the critics scold Majano for having reduced the

Examples of “skald”

  • joined the court as a skald.
  • children included Eyvindr skáldaspillir, court skald to Haakon the Good.
  • Hnufa, who became a famous skald at the court of King

(Examples are Wikipedia snippets under the CC ShareAlike 3.0 license. Definitions drawn from WordNet.)

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