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Проверка на български правопис

Bulgarian Spell Checker

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What does this do?
This tool provides spelling suggestions for Bulgarian. Just paste your text into the editor above, wait for the spinner in the bottom right to stop, and you should see errors that Sapling detects underlined in red. If you don't see the spinner badge, please contact us using the Help button above.
I don't see any errors detected.
Try the following steps to debug:
  1. First, make sure you see the Sapling badge in the bottom right of the editor.
  2. Are you already logged in or already have Sapling installed as a browser extension? If so, your logged in user setting may be overriding the language setting on this page.
  3. This particular demo focuses on spelling. It may be the case that our dictionary doesn't match yours. Contact us if you feel that it's missing obvious suggestions.
Can I use this elsewhere?
You likely can! Try installing one of Sapling's integrations.
Do you have a Bulgarian grammar/spell check API?
Yes. You can find our API here.