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Notion is an all-in-one workspace for you and your team. As a collaborative productivity tool, it can be used for wiki documentation, note taking, calendars, databases, reminders, etc. Teams use the product for project and knowledge management. Markdown support makes it well suited for snippets of software code and LaTex support makes it suited for snippets of equations and formulas. As an integration, Sapling supports real-time grammatical error correction of any text in Notion.

While Notion has a native spell checker, Sapling provides many more suggestions. To get started, install a Sapling browser extension, then visit your Notion document. Sapling will automatically make recommendations. Finally, if it is distracting, you can disable the badge for the domain.

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Sapling: Supported Features on Notion

  • Language quality: Grammar checker / spell check and fluency suggestions.
  • Autocomplete: Compose messages more quickly.
  • Snippets: Search, insert, and expand common canned messages.


Language Quality