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MessageBird Inbox is an omnichannel communication platform for businesses to support, engage, and connect with customers. MessageBird has APIs and Client SDKs used for mobile, web, and desktop solutions. They support the integration of email, SMS, and Push notifications to mobile apps. MessageBird features a wide range of messaging-focused integrations that other conventional CRMs do not support, like WhatsApp, LINE, WeChat, and Telegram, among others. As a language model copilot, Sapling integrates and assists with composing message on any text-based channel. Improved agent efficiency reduces AHT and drives better CSAT and NPS.

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Sapling: Supported Features on MessageBird

  • Language quality: Grammar checker / spell check and fluency suggestions.
  • Autocomplete: Compose messages more quickly.
  • Snippets: Search, insert, and expand common canned messages.


Language Quality