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Grammarly SDK Deprecation Notice

Important: The Grammarly Text Editor SDK will no longer be updated and will be deprecated on January 10, 2024. We suggest removing the integration from your app or website before that date. - Grammarly

Grammarly is the most popular grammar checker and writing assistant. Its most widely used applications are its browser extension and desktop application. For those looking to integrate spelling and grammar checking functionality into their own applications, Grammarly previously offered a JavaScript Text Editor SDK. This free SDK let developers offer a similar experience as Grammarly’s browser extension on their website text inputs. As the UI elements displayed from the SDK were branded, this likely helped Grammarly spread awareness of its brand.

However, Grammarly's SDK has now been deprecated and will be turned off by January 10, 2024. The entire developer portal has also been paused, making it impossible to integrate with Grammarly at this point.

Does Grammarly offer an API?

Grammarly's SDK only ever supported websites. Their developer offerings have never included a direct API integration endpoint for backend processing or custom UI frontends. The fact that their developer documentation mentions an “API” is somewhat misleading; Grammarly used to offer an SDK, but not an API. The SDK will also not be supported.

A quick look at tweets about Grammarly’s API reveals a mix of people confusing their website SDK with an API and others highlighting the lack of an API in Grammarly’s developer toolkit.

Grammarly hasn't explicitly stated why it doesn't provide an API, although it is probable that it may not fit with its business model and future business focus. Grammarly ensures that its technology is only available on its own platform by not offering an API, which makes it more difficult for potential competitors to use it. This might aid Grammarly in maintaining its hold on its brand and market share. Additionally, the business has made significant investments in building its own user-friendly interface. By granting direct access to these algorithms via an API, third-party applications promote their own brands over Grammarly's.

Sapling: A Grammarly API Alternative

Sapling offers a variety of AI and NLP (Natural Language Processing) developer products, including features that go beyond the now deprecated Grammarly SDK. These products include an easy-to-integrate JavaScript and Python SDK with spelling and grammar checking, as well as support for:

  • Multilingual support
  • Support for English varieties (US/UK/CA/AU)
  • Customization of UI styles
  • Tone checking
  • Sentence autocomplete
  • AI content detection

Sapling also provides grammar checking as an HTTP API, which can be integrated with any programming language. Examples in over 20 different languages can be found here:

import requests
        'key': '[API KEY]',
        'text': 'Your iphone order on the way',
        'session_id': 'demo',
  "start": 5,
  "end": 17,
  "replacement": "iPhone order is",
  "error_type": "'R:ORTH",

Sapling: A Grammarly SDK Alternative for Developers

It's easy to transition from Grammarly to Sapling's SDK with our comprehensive migration guide. Sapling can be integrated using either a script tag or npm, and supports other development environments with its HTTP API.

Sapling provides a migration guide to aid in the simple switch from the Grammarly import to Sapling, alongside adjustments for text area observation. Sapling's support team, available via helpdesk, email, and Discord, is happy to help troubleshoot the migration and/or integration process.

Lets get started!

<script src=""></script>
<div contenteditable="true" id="editor"></div>

<script type="text/javascript">
  key: "<API_KEY>",
  mode: 'dev',

const contentEditable = document.getElementById('editor');


Sapling provides a low-volume free tier of usage for its API, allowing developers to test their integrations without needing a credit card. Beyond that, pricing is based on usage: there is no monthly minimum, and not using the API will not result in any charge. Pricing details can be found here:

60% more grammar corrections

… than other systems with similar accuracy using state-of-the-art machine learning systems for natural language processing.

Low latency

Achieve the same real-time performance that users of Sapling's own interface experience.

Over 20 error types

Error categories such as preposition, noun form, and verb tense, including both high-level and fine-grained error information.

Custom models

Get corrections and edits tuned to the domain of your text—for example academic writing vs. subtitles.

Enterprise Security

Ask us about our no data retention policies, self-hosted/on-premises deployment options, and other cybersecurity policies and procedures.


Use Sapling's JavaScript or Python SDK for turnkey spelling/grammar checking and autocomplete in any web application.

Detailed API docs available.

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