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Other Integrations

With developer platforms, there is often a trade-off between full customizability (power) and ease of use (convenience). This is also true for Sapling's developer platform.

The most customizable and powerful point of integration is by using the API. Using the API endpoints, you can develop your own frontend to display suggestions using whatever library or framework you prefer.

For many, writing your own HTML/CSS/JavaScript plugin is unnecessary. Instead, you can use Sapling's SDK to get up and running with just a few lines of JavaScript. While it may be trickier to configure Sapling's UI exactly to your liking, we've already implemented a minimal and — most importantly — functional interface that doesn't require end users to install any additional plugins.


If you'd like to customize Sapling in a way that is not described in this documentation, reach out to us. We're often able to add additional configuration options.

However, sometimes it may make sense to just use Sapling's extensions and add-ins. We offer browser extensions, Microsoft add-ins, and Google app integrations that cover the majority of platforms. While in many cases the end user has to install these integrations, oftentimes business admin controls can be configured to automatically install Sapling on employee browsers and other applications.

Ultimately, we hope that whatever level of developer expertise you have available, Sapling can support your use case.