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There are several ways to get answers on any questions you have about Sapling.

The first place to look is our Support Center. There you'll find detailed documentation on the Sapling product, its features, and various configuration options.

You can also join our Discord, start a Stack Overflow thread (and send us the link), or DM us on Twitter.

If you don't get a response that way, try creating a ticket or emailing

Frequently Asked Questions

We've hit the daily or monthly quota limit. Can Sapling provide additional quota for testing?

Sapling considers these requests on a case-by-case basis. If you have a benchmark that you're evaluating different solutions on, typically we can provide a significantly higher quota.

However, we do not provide additional quota for free trials if we believe a statistically significant evaluation of Sapling's performance can be performed with the existing quota. Please Subscribe to remove quota limits and begin usage-based pricing.

If you're using the SDK, you can use checkOnce or stub the backend endpoint with cached edits to greatly reduce quota usage.

Why is Sapling not suggesting any edits for my text containing errors?

A few steps to try:

  1. Make sure you're using the /edits endpoint and not the /spellcheck endpoint if you're considering errors beyond spelling.
  2. Review our section on API performance evaluation here.
  3. Make sure your lang and variety settings are correct (if set).

How do I apply the outputs of the edits returned by Sapling's API?

Please see the tips here.

Why is the API latency higher than normal?

The primary way to reduce API latency is by sending smaller chunks of text. Although Sapling accepts chunks of up to 4000 characters, it will take much longer to process such a chunk than one of say only a few hundred characters.

Latency will also depend on the region you use Sapling from. After signing in, you can view the latest latency sampled from different regions on the status page.

You can also read more about Sapling's status and uptime here.

Why am I getting the error Authentication failed because the remote party has closed the transport stream.?

If you're using .NET, this is likely occurring because you haven't set SecurityProtocol to TLS 1.2 or above. See here for more information.