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Service Level Agreement (“SLA”)


  • Sapling and Company refer to Sapling Intelligence, Inc., the provider of the Services, while Customer refers to the user of Services.
  • Service and Services Refers to the Sapling API, accessible at, as well as the API dashboard at
  • Monthly Uptime is calculated by taking the percentage of time where the Services were Unavailable during a given month and subtracting that from 100%.
  • Unavailable and Unavailability mean that the Services were not reachable (for example, returning 400 or 404 error codes) or that the Service latency exceeds agreed upon percentile thresholds in the service agreement over a period of at least one hour and at least 100 API transactions.
  • Service Credits refers to the percentage of the monthly bill that will be credited against future payments.

Service Commitments

Monthly UptimeService Credits
Less than 99.7% but equal to or greater than 99.0%10%
Less than 99.0% but equal to or greater than 95.0%30%
Less than 95.0%100%

Credit Requests and Payment

To report periods of Unavailability and receive Service Credits, please send an email to and include the email used to subscribe to the Services as well as evidence of the outage (for example, request logs).

If we validate the request, Sapling will issue the Service Credits within one billing cycle.


Notwithstanding any provision in this Agreement to the contrary, no Unavailability will be deemed to have occurred if Unavailability: (i) is caused by factors outside of Sapling's reasonable control, including outages from Amazon Web Services and Force Majeure events such as natural catastrophes; (ii) results from any actions or inactions of Customer; (iii) occurs during Sapling’s scheduled maintenance hours where at least 48 hours of advance written notice was provided; (iv) occurs due to use of alpha/beta/experimental services not generally available to other customers.