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AI Detector

The endpoint computes the likelihood a piece of text was AI generated.

Try it out here:

Accuracy and Trade-offs

All AI detection systems have false positives and false negatives. In some cases, small modifications to AI-generated text can cause that text to no longer be flagged as AI-generated. In other cases, human-written (but perhaps rote) text can be misclassified as AI-generated. Depending on the application, false positives or false negatives may be less desirable. Contact us for ways to adjust for your use case.

AI Detector POST

Request Parameters

HTTP method: POST

The AI Detector API POST endpoint takes JSON parameters documented below:

key: String
32-character API key.

text: String
Text to run detection on.

sent_scores: Boolean
Whether to return sentence scores. Defaults to true. If speed is of the essence, you can disable this setting.

Response Parameters

A score from 0 to 1 be returned, with 0 indicating the maximum confidence that the text is human-written, and 1 indicating the maximum confidence that the text is AI-generated.

A field sentence_scores containing scores for each sentence will also be returned. The per-sentence scores may not correlate with the overall score field as they're computed using a different method from the overall score.

The AI Detector POST endpoint returns JSON of the following format:

"score": 0.98,
"sentence_scores": [
"sentence": "Here is a sentence.",
"score": 0.999